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      SAIDE Ceramics—“Breath of Love”, Deliver Positive Energy
      Column: Company news Time:2016-06-22

      SAIDE Ceramics—“Breath of Love”, Deliver Positive Energy 
      SAIDE Planning Department

      The healthy breath is the eternal theme now and in the future—it is no wonder. The hazy weather and PM2.5 “exceeding the upper limit of the measurement range” become the hot topics, making citizens feel jittery. The hazy weather appears in China. The experts said that the air quality was reduced obviously because of the hazy weather, thereby influencing human health. The healthy air is “a matter of paramount importance”.

      Besides respiratory protection based on the actual situation, a healthy and stable environment is requisite to guarantee the healthy breath.

      On Aug. 26th, 2013, Nanhai SAIDE Ceramics Co., Ltd. that focuses on the healthy home environment of consumers and its dealers promoted the concept of “Air Purification, Environmental Protection”, and popularized the concept that green consumption is not consumption of green products, but protection of green environment; create a living environment with healthy air for consumers and integrate the concept of “Air Purification, Environmental Protection” with the marketing concept and the life of consumers. Create a more healthy and eco-friendly ceramics brand. We will bring a healthy life to consumers through sincere actions.

      Fog · Thinking “share a common fate, share responsibility” is the responsibility of government, every citizen and enterprise. Nanhai SAIDE Ceramics Co., Ltd. will become a green enterprise citizen in the low-carbon time through the sincere attitude, pragmatic actions and innovative thought.